Mobile Body Comp Is Houston’s Exclusive Body Composition Testing Service!
Bring the industry standard for Body Composition Analysis and Metabolic Rate Testing to YOUR BUSINESS!

Whether you are a healthcare professional, dietitian, fitness professional, or just curious as to what the BOD POD can do for your patients and clients, contact us now to learn more. Our mobile testing platform can bring this technology to you and thus ADD VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS. There is nothing to buy, nothing to stock, and you can set yourself apart from the competition!

Using mobile technology can add value to YOUR business! How? Great question! If your clients or patients wanted to be tested in the BOD POD, they would have to either be a patient at one of these hospitals: St. Luke’s, Texas Children’s, Baylor, or Memorial Hermann. If not there, then the only other way was if they were a member of the Houston Texans football team. Obviously, any of these facilities would not offer your business any opportunity.

We cater to individuals, small groups and businesses in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Groups That Use The BOD POD

Corporate Wellness
CrossFit Gyms
Fitness Clubs
Nutrition Centers
Weight Loss Centers
Sports Teams
Running and Cycling Clubs
School Athletic Departments

Areas Of Use

Weight Loss
Health & Wellness

To book an event, call us at: 281-402-1298.
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